Client Feedback

I am thrilled...and recommend Neil Jacobs 100%

“My previous Financial Adviser retired and passed my business on to one of his colleagues...The, so called, colleague did not follow up phone calls, emails or requests for meetings. I traced transactions back over a few months and realised that my business had suffered negatively - not one thing had been enacted.On recommendation I approached Neil Jacobs. He made arrangements to meet with me to discuss my wants and needs. He arrived on time and was personable and professional. There was no pressure at all from Neil.

Neil made time for me...talked through issues and encouraged me to ask questions.He quickly understood that I am an active and visual learner. He worked with me in a way that totally enabled me to be actively and knowledgeably involved in the decision making process.He also keeps me up-to-date with regular phone calls and meetings.

I have seen really positive changes to my savings and income...I am thrilled...and recommend Neil Jacobs 100%.”

Lesley, Middlesex

Better organised investments

“Neil advised me how to invest the money and offered some good general financial advice. I feel my finances are now more organised and I have seen my investments grow.”

Danni, London

Tailored financial advice

“Neil was fantastic in providing tailored advice to suit my personal needs. Neil helped me secure Home Insurance, Mortgage protection, Critical illness cover and also provided independent advice regarding my stocks and shares. Neil was also flexible to travel to my home on evenings (once I returned from work) to discuss options and recommend bespoke policies for me. I found Neil very knowledgeable, approachable and a pleasure to work with.”

Mitch, London

Good family Protection advice

“I had recently become a parent and was keen to ensure that I had a base level of insurance in the event that I was unable to earn. Neil helped me by directing me to appropriate products, steering me towards effective policies.”

David, London

Pension review - pensions performing much better!

“Having constantly been pestered for Pensions review from cold callers, I thought it high time I took matters into my own hands and seek advice from a well recommended IFA to see where performance was not up to scratch.

Having been recommended initially asked of a review of all my personal pensions accumulated through employment with various organisations.Neil quickly got together letters of authority to gain the latest updates from the various companies involved and identified poor performing funds and sectors and advised on how best to reinvest these.He also carried out a review of my life and critical insurance policies. This was one particular policy which had lapsed through no fault of my own. He quickly took action on this and the plan has now been re-instated with the provider making up a significant amount of the overdue premiums.

My Pensions are now performing at a much better level then in previous years. Also my lapsed policy has now been fully re-instated.”

Neel, London

Securing financial foundations

“I needed to have income protection insurance and also a general chat about setting my foundations for my future financially. Neil Set up a meeting in a place where I felt comfortable to talk about anything concerning me and just analysed everything and gave me all the necessary information and helped me obtain some quotes which was very useful to know.”

Ali, Hertfordshire

Safeguarding our future

“I feel Neil's knowledge is exceptional and his manner very fitting for a Financial Adviser.”

Joanne, Hertfordshire

Safeguarding our future

“Neil was really helpful with financial advise, he managed to help make me more tax efficient, and earn better interest with my money. I will be continuing to use Neil's services and I would advise others to as as well.”

Adam, London

Professional financial advice

“I needed some financial guidance and he helped me to make the decisions that I needed to in a professional and detached manner.”

Tanya, Essex

Better performing pensions

“He helped me with the above and gave me options what do do. I am not a high risk investor & the fund Neil offered has performed above my expectations so far. My pensions have been grouped and put into an investment fund and I am very pleased with the results after 14 months.”

Robert, Hertfordshire

Fantastic pensions growth

“Neil transferred both pension plans into a much better performing plan with his holding company, released a significant cash sum for me, was able to cash in one of my life insurance plans, reviewed the other 2 plans to find they had no cash-in value.

All outstanding debts and loans were cleared except one that is not worth paying off (interest was up front)Finances are okay, Neil's company is holding my remaining pension plan, against which I can still withdraw tax-free amounts if I need them. Seen fantastic growth, compared to previous plans, in the first 6 months. (I know, it can go down as well as up).”

Mark, London

Wealth management and fund selection advice

“I held a deferred stakeholder pension plan with a previous employer. Investment choice was limited and therefore wanted to look at the alternatives with an adviser who specialised in wealth management and fund selection.

Neil recommended a SIPP with a provider called Transact. Having worked in the Financial Services industry for over 20 years I must say that the way Neil presents himself and the service that he offers me is very impressive and professional. Neil is very good at making a complicated subject easy to understand. I can see how Neil would be very good at explaining concepts to people who are not necessarily financially literate.”

Sanjay, London

Clear financial advice

“Neil is very clear in his explanations. At our first meeting he took time to set out options and talk through a range of issues.”

Stephen, Hertfordshire

Exactly the advice we wanted!

“Neil explained everything, took us through what was available, what we needed and could do without and helped us get quotes. Once that was done, Neil help us completed the large and often complex documents and submitted them to the various insurers. He dealt with all complications along the way too.

We are now insured, covered and feel secure. It's exactly what we wanted and Neil continues to keep in touch to ensure all is ok.

Gavin, Hertfordshire